Tourwand enables you to offer your visitors free audio tours right from their smartphone, without having to download an app. Easily enhance any exhibit with in-depth and engaging information without the need for expensive signage. It's also a great opportunity to attract new sponsorships for your organization.

Some of the organizations we are working with

Helping Organizations Tell Their Story & Raise Money

Educate & Inspire

You have so much interesting content that signage and brochures can't hold it all. Tourwand gives you an unlimited platform where you can convay all the fun facts and interesting stories to educate and inspire your visitors.

Augment Your Tour

Along with audio storytelling, you can enhance your tour experience by providing supplemental information like photos, videos and links to your website or other online resources.

Guide Your Visitors

Add interactive maps of your tour to help visitors find the exhibits they want to see next. If your tour is outdoors, Tourwand provides GPS-enabled maps to help visitors orient themselves and find the points of interest.

No App To Download

Tourwand is a mobile web application. This means it's instantly available to your visitors. They don't have to deal with the app store and wait for the app to download and install before they can finally continue on with the tour.

Attract New Sponsorships

Tourwand gives you a new platform to attract new corporate sponsorships or sell advertising to raise money and support your organization.

Promote Your Initiatives

Using Tourwand, you can promote memberships, donations, joining your email lists, ask visitors for feedback or notify them of upcoming events. Whatever you want to promote, Tourwand can help.

Access Useful Data

Access real-time analytics on how visitors are using the app and find out insights like what exhibits are most popular.

Full Service

We know you're busy, that's why we take care of everything for you, from launching the tour, to same day updates. We are always available to help make your tour a success.

Interested In Finding Out More?

Hi, I'm Ken Kozaczka, the creator of Tourwand. I believe that no matter where you are, at a zoo, park, aquarium, museum or just walking down the street, there are interesting stories to be heard. It's my goal to bring those stories to as many people as possible and help them appreciate wherever they are just a little bit more.

If your interested in finding out more about Tourwand and how it can benefit your organization simply give me a call at 716.589.0536 or send me an email at

Mobile Device Required

This mobile audio tour is only available on smartphones and tablets. Please visit on your mobile device to begin your tour.

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